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Picture Framing in Modbury

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Antique Picture Frame Restoration

Picture Frame Restoration

Devonshire Fine Art have been restoring antique picture frames for over thirty years. Our largest project was a gilt swept frame on a Thomas Gainsborough landscape painting measuring approximately 5' x 7'.

Frame Restoration Services

Missing details and decoration on plaster and gesso antique frames can be replaced, gilt varnish retouched or replaced and broken joints re-fixed.

Pricing is based on an hourly rate with a nominal charge for materials, call Karen on 01548 830872 for advice. Delivery throughout the UK.

Case Study 1

Badly damaged gilt swept frame on a sporting, oil on canvas. Many missing areas of decorative moulding.

Antique Frame restoration service in Devon Frame restorers Modbury Devon

Case Study 2

Antique Gilt Frame Restoration service Mod bury Devon Antique frame restoration in Devon

Very badly damaged early 19th century gilt frame, one of a pair. Picture fell from a substantial height causing significant impact damage and loss.

Client brief: To restore damaged frame to preserve the pair of oil portraits, restoration of damaged painting, re-lining and replacement stretchers, clean and re-varnish.

Substantial reconstruction was required and moulds taken to replace missing detail, sympathetic re-gilding and new hanging fixings.

Case Study 3

Male, 18th century portrait with a gilt frame, badly damaged with extensive moulding loss. Oil painting also required cleaning and restoration.

Frame restorers in Modbury Devon Portrait frame restoration

Case Study 4

19th century, gilt frame with loss of decoration to the top two corners and floral decoration to the bottom two cormers completely missing.

Gilt frame restoration service
Antique frame restorer in Devon


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