Shadow Box Frames

Need to frame a 3-dimensional work of art which requires the depth of the enclosed object has to be accommodated? This necessitates the use of a shadow box frame. This can be achieved in several ways, either with a secondary internal frame or by creating a shadow box using a mount card which matches the backing board.

Devonshire Fine Art have been producing box picture frames for over twenty years using both deep section mouldings and custom built secondary boxes which fit inside and external frame. If you do not wish to see the sides of the internal box and your object is not too deep( less than 30mm), you may wish to consider a deep moulding. Call Karen for advice 01548 830872.

Box Picture Frames - What can they be used for ?

As you can see from the illustrations on this page, box frames can be used frame anything which is three dimensional....

Medals · Records and CDs

Sports Shirts, sports equipment - cricket bats, balls, bails

Collages and other 3D works of art.

And many many more. The only limit is your imagination.

Box frames for medals Shadow Box Picture Frames - Rugby anf Football Shirts

3D Box Picture Frame


Shadow Boxes Frames - Bead Cushion



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