Picture Framing and Frame Restoration

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Est. 1988

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Picture Framing in Modbury

Now open for picture framing and restoration. We have safety measures in place.

Shadow box picture frames made to order

Shadow Box Frames

Need to frame a 3-dimensional work of art which requires the depth of the enclosed object has to be accommodated? This necessitates the use of a shadow box frame. We have been framing and preserving family treasures and keepsakes for over 30 years.

The possibilities are endless: medals, records and CDs sports shirts, sports equipment - cricket bats, balls, bails, collages and other 3D works of art. The only limit is your imagination.

Ultra Vue Glass

Ask us about Ultra Vue glass. Reduces reflection by 98% and reduces UV by 70%,(other higher grades available). Fantastic for prints, watercolours and maps, details easily viewed without reflection, colours vibrant and crisp.

Non reflective ultra vue picture glass

Fossils in a shadow box frame

Fossils placed in an oak box frame.

Medals in box frame

Medals and memorabilia relating to Private Harry Metherell who drove the first tank in the Egyptian desert in World War I.

Spear in a shadow box frame

A spear in a bronze effect frame. Could be Roman?! Any ideas?

WWII medals including the Burma Star, Africa Star, The Atlantic Star and the 1939-45 Star.

Chorister's Medal

Chorister's Medal in a walnut effect frame and felt backing

Box frames made to order

Medal with presentation box on velvet background

Coins in a box frame

Silver coins retrieved by divers as a Silver Wedding anniversary present.

World War I medals framed in a shadow box

World War I medals in a silver box frame on red velvet.

Set of portrait miniatures framed

Family heirlooms - set of miniature portrait paintings in a gilt box frame with a dark blue velvet backing.

Photographs presented in a box frame

Collection of Polaroid photographs
presented in a lime-waxed frame

Military model framed in a box frame

Royal Marines Drummer 1976
Cast in pewter and hand painted.
Published by Charles Stadden.
Framed in a hand stained box frame with a slip mount and UltraVue glass

Life Guards model presented in a box frame

Life Guard Standard Bearer.
Published by William Britain.
Framed in a hand stained box frame with a slip mount and UltraVue glass

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